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Photography Workshops

Intro Workshop - What's that button for?
Your DSLR can be really scary at first with all the fancy buttons and menus but it is in this workshop you learn to master your camera not your camera master you. This workshop with help you get off the program mode and think about capturing photographs, not just take  pictures.
This a 3 hour course offered in either group or private sessions.  On going classes everyday, every month.
Group rate $35 per person         Private rate $50 per person



Beginners Workshop



This is a 6 week hands on workshop designed to give you a great knowledge on all the operations of your camera and composing a photograph. The course includes hand outs and workbooks and possible outing to use new skills. (weather depend) There will be  weekly assignments assigned and required to be completed for the following class. BUT the best part of all is that having fun is mandatory!


Course includes:     Basic Composition

                                Shutter speeds explained

                                ISO Explained

                                Aperture explained

                                Lenses explained

                                Mastering the light

                                Basic flash explained

                                Tricks, techinques and special effects


Group sessions $225         Private available upon request.  On going classes every month.



Basic Photo Editing


With all your new picture taking skills, you have taken hundreds of photographs, now what do you do with them. In this workshop you will learn some basic editing skills to transform your photos. Learn skills like adding contrast, brightening, dodging, cropping, adding borders, resizing for web, and storage. Plus will touch on a few things more.


This course is designed for Lightroom or Photoshop and a trial version of both can be downloaded from

Private $75.00 per person


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