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                                                                         My passion in photography started at the age of 12  when my mom gave me   my first kodak 110 camera (do you know what they were :-) )  At 16 I bought my first 35mm camera, it was a fully manual Zenit em.   I went professional when I bought my Pentax k1000 at 17 and I photographed my first wedding at 18.  I  have been hooked ever since.  It has now been over thirty years and I'm still as passionate as that very first day. 


          I  have seen many things change in photography; such as the arrival of one hour photo labs, automatic cameras, computers and digital everything.  With all those changes it has fueled my passion and creativity.


          In my studio a fun, professional atmosphere is what you will find.  I'm a big kid at heart  and I will stand on my head if that is what it  takes to get your family to smile. 


         At weddings I'm told that I am alot of fun and quite relaxed. I don't tell them it's because I'm not the one getting married

:-).  Speaking of weddings, I  love photographing them!  Many photographers dread them, not me . I have photographed over 1000 weddings and I have yet to meet a bride and groom that were not glowing on their day.  Plus how could you not get caught up in all the excitement.


      So give me a call because I  want to capture the memories of your family or your  beautiful wedding day because...


"You OUTTA  be  in  PICTURES!!"

Eye treats await you.
Check out my portrait galleries


If your portraits don't live up to your expectations and we can'’t make it right, we will refund all of your money.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your investment!


Whether it's for wedding or

one of our events

Call us to make a booking


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